5th Wedding

“If love is blind, I’ll find my way with you.”

I’ve been to 5 weddings in 3 months and I’m starting to wonder if the Mayans were right? Nah, I think it’s just coincidence. This is the first time I attended a high school classmate’s wedding. It was fun, but there were only a few classmates who attended due to conflicting schedules and some of them are out of the country. Nevertheless, it was powerful fun. I hadnt had that much fun in years. After the wedding and reception, we went into a bar and then karaoke and then dancing and more dancing. That’s all I remember, no details, just that. Arrived at home around 4 in the morning, slept for only 5 hours and woke up with a headache. But it doesnt matter, I had a really fun night.

I was so drunk that I didnt notice that i was dancing to the tunes of Justin Beiber. Terrible.

By the way, my classmate married my cousin so, yeah, it’s a win-win situation! Welcome to the clan, and congratulations to Aloysius and Allen Evangelista!

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