My 4th Independence Day at Casa Verde

Tomorrow, it will be 4 years since I’ve gained my independence from my parents because 4 years ago, I got my first job. I can still remember that time when I first got my job. I was still an innocent young boy, who came from the province, wandering the city streets, being amazed by the towering buildings of the city, gazing at the sheer number of people and machines with 4 wheels cruising the streets in hot day… nah, who am I kidding. I’ve been in this city for more than 5 years at that time. It’s my 4th year in this company and, by the looks of the recent events in my (work)life, I might still stay for a couple more. I’ve met so many people since then. In this company, we were hired as batches. My “batch-mates” are some of my closest friends now, and it has been our tradition to annually celebrate this joyous occasion.

I miss the good ol’ days…

One of my batch-mate, Albert(not Einstein), suggested that we eat at this place the served very tasty steaks. He is a food fanatic himself and has a very good taste with food… and that’s it, well maybe also women because he has a lovely wife and a beautiful  daughter (I need to add the extra sentence since, although unlikely but i wont take any chance, his wife might see this and slap the hell out of me if  I say he doesnt have good taste with women…but I digress ;p). So we decided to do the most common thing that Asians do when celebrating, but in reverse order: sing Karaoke and then eat.


When I set out to meet them, I was out for steak. Juicy, charcoal cooked, greasy steak(well not really really greasy), “looks good, taste even better” steak.


Hmmmm… steak…

The steak was really good, juicy, tasty and it’s what I really expect from a really good steak. The one I ordered was steak ala John(or something). It comes with mash potato and a healthy dose of vegetable salad (which I ate…in my mind).


Hmmmmmm… Steak 2…

Albert and the others ordered a different type of steak and baby back ribs(which was also good).


Baby Back Ribs. *drool*

They say the the baby back ribs was good but it was not as good as Surfin Ribs, but good overall.


Buffalo wings, blue cheese and everything nice.

We also ordered this platter. It contains Buffalo wings, grilled blue cheese and that stick made out of meat(I forgot the name ;p).


Death by chocolate. Not a bad way to die.

According to people, if you are going to dine in Casa Verde, you must order the “Death by chocolate.” Sounds intriguing and looks nice too. I was really expecting so much from this dessert since I’ve heard a lot of really good reviews about this piece of death. Disappointingly, it was not up to my expectations. I was good but not that “holy freaking balls to the wall takes it out of the wall and balls to the wall again” good. It was just had a normal taste to me, nothing special(IMO).


Chocolate Lava!

Now, this was better than the Death by chocolate. This is a chocolate caked topped with chocolate ball with ice cream on the inside. When you break it, the ice cream flows lie lava. Hence the name (i guess,what else would it be?).


Ice cold beer. Ahhhh ~

Nothing ends a good night out than a bottle of Ice cold beer. After the little shindig, I went straight home to rest. I’ll be looking forward to our batch Christmas party(which became our tradition for 4 straight years) since we’ll be dining and doing some other stuff when time comes. Til’ here folks and thank you for the time readin’. =)

Oh one more thing, to Batch 40! Hope to see all of you soon! ;p

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