Surfin’ Ribs – Defunct

Surfin’ Ribs is a popular rib joint in Cebu. Although they only opened last March 2012, this place is already popular. I went there yesterday with 2 of my friends, Tiffany and Jillian. We’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this place and we decided to try it. We have been planing for weeks to try the joint, but we were so busy and our work schedules were in conflict, that’s why we couldn’t do it until now. I love ribs and have tried ribs offered from some of the well-known restaurants in cebu, however, this was an eye opener for me.

If you see ribs on a surfboard, you just know that it’s delicious.

The place opens up around 5pm and arrived at the place around 6 in the evening, with hopes of getting the much awaited ribs when we arrive. But, as you can see, the place is full and we are third on the waiting list. This gave me an idea on how good their ribs are, but it was just pure speculation at that point, I need to eat it to be sure.

We waited for about 30+ minutes before we got a table. Within that 30 minute time frame, the waiting list grew from 3 to almost 10. By that time, I just realize that we overlooked 2 things when we decided to dine here: 1.) It was a Saturday, and 2.) The place is small and only a hand full of people are able to dine at a time. But the long wait didn’t bother me at all. While looking at the ribs that they served to the customers, I kept telling myself  “Good things come to those who wait.” and meditated like a Jedi Knight, or a Monk, or Ace Ventura.

Hmmmmmm Ribs…*homersimpsondrool*

 When we finally got a table, we were just waiting for the food to arrive. I forgot to mention that they will take your order while you wait for a table, so that they will be able to prepare your food. It didn’t take a long time before our ribs arrived. You can order it regular or spicy, with mash potato or with rice. I ordered mine with mash potato because when I saw the size of the thing, I might not finish it if I had it with rice. The girls, ordered theirs with rice. The ribs looked great, it was beautiful, so beautiful that you can hang it in the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa (or you can put it in your mouth then down to your stomach). The ribs smells good, the sauce is amazing and the taste was even better!

I pity the foo, who has high cholesterol and heart problems.

The fat and meat, bathed with unknown herbs and spices, and barbecue sauce, was perfectly cooked! You don’t need table knife to cut through it, spoon and for will do since it’s butter-like in softness. I ate the thing bare-hands, as how ribs should be eaten(IMO). With my first bite, the flavor just exploded in my mouth. I can taste the meat with all the spices, unlike to what i used to eating that you can only taste the sauce they glazed on the ribs. This was different, full of flavor. It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everybody is invited. It was (forgive me, Colonel) Finger Lickin’ Good, literally!

I could have sworn that there was a big piece of rib there a while ago. 

I was half through the ribs when I realized that we ordered shrimp. The shrimp was good but not exceptional, I’ve tasted far better shrimp than this, but I was not here for the shrimp. I was here for the ribs, the freakin-balls-to-the-wall-awesome ribs, and it did not disappoint. I finished mine to the bones, but the girls couldn’t finish theirs (I’m guessing that they could have, but they might be conscious of eating with bare hands like I did) although the meat on their ribs was mostly consumed.

They also serve beer and set of beer for those who wants to drink at the place. The ribs is also good for “pulutan”(loosely translated as finger food but only for drinking sessions).  They also have Hot Chicken Wings, Crispy Pata, Crab, and several others in their menu, but we stick to ribs at this time. We also ordered their only dessert, Leche Flan. Speaking of which, it would be nice if they have more deserts selections but I’m just nitpicking.


Verdict: Two Thumbs Up

The ribs cost around P170 and it was well worth the price. The place was nice, the food was great, and the customer service was good. We had a minor misunderstanding on a reserve table but that was just because of a small confusion on the reservation paper. The waiters and waitress were very polite and are always smiling when serving you. Seriously, this was the best ribs I’ve ever had and this place is highly recommended. You should visit this place and you’ll be coming back for more. I’m planning to go back in the near future and try their other dishes(especially the Hot Chicken Wings, yum!).

You can find them at G&A Arcade N. Escario St. corner Tojong St.Cebu City. You can also visit their facebook page here.


  1. Worst service I ever had. Waited for over an hour for the food to be on our table.tsktsk.. I told the service crew that orders need to be in FIFO (first in – first out basis).. service crew said that our order came along with the Crispy Pata that’s why it took so long to serve. So guys, don’t order them together with the ribs. If your hungry, then just order the rib plate (suggestion). More to that, their Crispy Pata isn’t good. Hard as a rock. Customers who have waited for so long (to be seated) had their orders came in first than us. We waited an hour! The place is too small, when you get there, you have to wait till other customers are done eating. They have reserved tables, even if the customer who made the reservation arrived for so long, they wouldn’t offer you the table. And lastly, the owner of this restaurant came in, & didn’t even manage to supervise, but was only concern of his visitors (not customers).

    • Really? Wow. Well, good thing we didnt order crispy pata then.. But im still going back for some ribs though. I agree on the place too small, they should extend or move to a bigger one actually.

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