Preparing Lechon in Cebu

Hi! This is my very first post in wordpress, and it’s all about one of my favorite food! Lechon is one of the most popular dish in the Philippines. It’s a pig roasted whole in an open pit with charcoal. Cebu’s lechon is one of the best lechon(if not the best) in the world. Well, at least according to Anthony Bourdain. I’ve tasted a lot of lechon in my lifetime and Cebu’s lechons are one of the best one i’ve tasted. Back in Bohol, I saw how they prepare lechon, but i haven’t seen how cebu prepares the lechon. I was invited yesterday by a friend to his birthday party, luckily enough, his father own a Lechonan(place where you sell lechon) and they prepare the lechon at the same place. So, I sneaked in and discovered how they prepare lechon.

Since I dont know the name of the guy who prepares the lechon, i’ll just refer to him as “the guy” from now on. Their business is not just preparing lechon, they also raise and sell pigs. It all starts in the evening when they send the pigs to the slaughter house, so that they will be prepared at dawn. Around 3am, “the guy” arrives at his work place with the pigs, all gutted out and ready for seasoning.

Cool backpack.

He then proceeds to season the lechon in a special way. I cant reveal how though, since it’s a business secret. This was also the first time I saw preparing lechon this way. According to the guy, this is how they prepare the lechon ever since they started.

Now let’s see what you ate earlier.

They don’t use a lot of spices in flavoring the lechon, they just select the most basic and freshest ingredients. I guess the phrase “Less is more” is true in preparing lechon.

I wonder if we can use these for bondage.

They then put the pig on a long metal rod and tie it using a cotton rope. After it has been tied to the rod,they will put herbs inside the stomach for flavoring and sew it up.

Looks like launching a pig to space.

After sewing it up, he then proceeds to bathe the pig in special sauce. The special sauce also makes the signature red color of the lechon, it also adds to the flavor of the skin.

Sweet sweet massage.

After flavoring and seasoning the pig, it’s time to roast it. It takes time to burn charcoal but it was prepared when the pig arrived earlier.

Hot hot hot!

From time to time, the owner(aka the Godfather of Lechon Mafia lol) overlooks the process. He’s also a very good cook, he made fried lechon for us earlier that night. I wasn’t able to take a photo since I was very drunk earlier that night.

If you are not careful, you’ll sleep with the piggies.

The lechon is constantly rolled in a slow pace so that it’ll cook evenly. They also put additional charcoal from time to time so that it wont be under cooked.

I like lechon’s shiny booty.

Once it’s done, they deliver it to some of the finest restaurants in cebu. They also take orders. The prices for these lechon ranges from P3000 to P5000, depending on size of the pig. Their store is in front of Calamba Cemetery in cebu. Here’s the guy ready for another lechon.

The Christian Grey of the lechon world.

I’ve tasted their lechon and it was really worth the price. It really taste good, the skin is really crispy and the meat is really tender. The dinugoan dish(cooked pig’s blood) they cook with lechon is also delicious, in fact, it was the best dinugoan I’ve tasted. Definitely, one of the best tasting lechon I’ve had. So, if you can’t order or you can’t find their location, just eat at the Port in Waterfront hotel and casino in Cebu, they’re the one who supplies lechon there.

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